blueprint for sustainabilty

BETTER WORLD - Blueprint for Sustainability

In our annual Sustainability Report, Ford announced it has reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture each vehicle by 22 percent in the last six years. The company plans to reduce energy usage another 25 percent by 2016.

This reduced energy consumption in vehicle manufacturing is just one result of our focus on minimizing the environmental impact of the vehicles we produce and the facilities where they are made. Each Ford facility uses measured environmental targets – which are reviewed and updated annually – to track and accelerate improvements designed with the environment and efficiency in mind.

Other efforts we undertake to tackle the myriad sustainability challenges we face in a rapidly changing world include initiatives to reduce water use, waste-to-landfill and CO2 emissions, as well as continuous improvements in vehicle fuel economy and safety.

Our vehicles continue to be a major focal point around our broader sustainability efforts, and it is paying off, as Ford is now an industry leader in fuel economy. Our sustainability efforts also extend to the materials we use. From recycled content to innovations with bio-based plastics, the sustainable material alternatives we are implementing across many facets of our supply chain are strongly complementing our fuel economy progress. Ford's seat fabrics for example must now consist of at least 25 percent post-industrial or post-consumer recycled content. A total of 37 seat fabrics in Ford vehicles now meet these requirements.

Ford’s commitment to our customers means that keeping them safe, which is a top priority for us. That’s why we continue to work hard to develop an array of advanced safety technologies that are offered across our entire vehicle lineup.

To learn more details about these highlights and the many more areas Ford is focusing on to reduce our impact on the environment, improve the safety of our products and contribute to a better world, we invite you to view the full report online at