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One Team

At Ford Motor Company, our Marketing, Sales and Service professionals, work together on challenging assignments to develop and execute brand strategies, including advertising and sales promotional initiatives for our products. Additionally, our team represents the face of Ford Motor Company to our dealer partners and retail customers ensuring "Best-in-Class" customer service.

One Plan

Our MS&S professionals are leading the most ambitious transformation in today's business world. We are working to create a more contemporary automotive company by marketing our brands as culturally and emotionally relevant in the ever evolving tech savvy universe. We are committed to delivering marketing excellence that enables our customers to drive high quality, green, safe and smart vehicles using state-of-the art technology.

One Goal

To attract high caliber individuals who possess strong consumer instincts and innovative ideas, who thrive at working on a team in a business casual atmosphere and who have a passion for the automotive industry.

Welcome to the Marketing, Sales and Service Team

In Marketing, Sales and Service we've developed rotational programs for our Ford College Graduate, Marketing Ford College Graduate and Marketing Leadership Programs. New methods of recycling, alternative fuel vehicles, voice activated technologies and leading vehicle safety initiatives are just some of the initiatives that could involve your talents.

Join our team and be a part of a fast-moving organization that invests in the future of its products and its people.

How are we organized?

  • Field Operations
  • Ford & Lincoln Marketing and Sales
  • Ford Customer Service Division
  • Global Marketing Sales and Service
  • Global Product Marketing Planning and Strategy

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