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Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering

One Team

At Ford Motor Company, our Sustainability Environmental and Safety Engineering team works together to provide technical and regulatory expertise relating to product safety, emissions, fuel economy, facility environmental matters, and vehicle recycling.

One Plan

We are committed to working with product and manufacturing operations to assure regulatory compliance of Ford products and facilities worldwide, establish regulatory forecasts, recommend corporate policies, and being the external customer interface for all related matters.

One Goal

Our vision is to operate as one global team working together enabling the robust delivery of our products into the market place, achieving excellence in sustainability, environment and safety while advancing our corporate reputation.

The SE&SE team is working with cutting-edge technologies to ensure we have a strong business building great products for a better world. For example, the SE&SE EV infrastructure team is supporting the launch of Ford’s electrified vehicles by helping to ensure customers are able to recharge their vehicle batteries after purchase. The SE&SE Advanced Safety team is collaborating with other automakers and the Department of Transportation to research future vehicles that can wirelessly “talk” to each other, helping to reduce accidents as well as congestion. The Environmental Quality Office is working with Ford’s manufacturing facilities globally to increase the use of renewable energy while reducing waste, energy consumption, and water use.

Welcome to the SE&SE Team

SE&SE offers a breadth of experience across our locations globally. Opportunities include:

  • Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters: Fuel Economy, Emissions and Fuel Quality Rulemaking, Policy and Legislative Support, Electrification Infrastructure, Sustainability Strategy and Business Development.
  • Vehicle Homologation & Compliance: Vehicle Environmental Compliance, Vehicle Safety Assurance, Technical and Policy Regulatory Support, Emissions Testing Technologies, Vehicle Homologation.
  • Automotive Safety Office: Vehicle Safety Compliance, Advanced Rulemaking and Strategy, Safety Data Analysis.
  • Environmental Quality Office: Global Environmental Policy, Facility Compliance, Emissions Trading and Reporting.

Learn more about Ford's environmental, safety and sustainability efforts.

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