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One Team

At Ford Motor Company, our team of global Purchasing buyers and engineers work together to manage supply base and commodities; evaluate current and prospective buyers; negotiate and develop supply agreements; select manufacturing strategies, world-class suppliers and ways to develop new technologies; and study ways to capture emerging market opportunities.

One Plan

Our plan is simple -- we are committed to working together to determine the corporate supply strategy, identify the supply base and negotiate price and delivery terms to assure quality for the organization.

One Goal

Quality drives your world and it is moving faster than ever. When you have billions of dollars of buying power, you get attention. Our goal is to ensure that we are committed to quality and understand the importance of our buyer/supplier relationships.

Welcome to the Purchasing Team

Purchasing of parts and services to support the worldwide production of vehicles means you'll need to be versatile. It takes ingenuity and quick thinking to maximize the financial resources in your career. Your world includes interfacing with people inside and outside the Company. Your ability to establish rapport, build trust and share your passion for quality will make you a valuable member of the Purchasing.

How are we organized?

  • Business Strategy
  • Facilities, Materials, and Services Purchasing
  • Global Powertrain Purchasing
  • Global Vehicle Production and Americas Purchasing
  • Global Supplier Technical Assistance

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