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Hiring at Ford Expand All
Q: Is Ford hiring? When Ford has a salaried opening in the United States, the position will be listed on our jobs website. The required skills and educational background are listed on the job description. You can register, upload your resume and apply for jobs directly on the site.
Q: What positions are available? We hire interns, Ford College Graduates (FCGs) and direct hires. Please visit our jobs website to view open positions.
Q: Are there any jobs available outside of the U.S.? For jobs listings outside the U.S., visit our Global Sites page to view postings in your country.
Q: How do I find out about U.S. hourly production opportunities? At Ford Motor Company, hourly production hiring is decentralized; it is the responsibility of each individual facility, based on the operational requirements of that location. When hiring needs occur for hourly production workers, manufacturing facilities use the local state employment service (i.e., Michigan Works agency in the state of Michigan) as a source of candidates. Job seekers are encouraged to register at the state employment service office nearest the Ford facilities where they are interested in working. Job seekers also should update their registration periodically.

Note that in accordance with collective bargaining agreement provisions, Ford hourly job opportunities (such as those mentioned in the public media from time to time) must first be presented to current Ford employees – including those on layoff or facing layoff – before external hiring can occur.
Q: How do I find out about U.S. skilled trades opportunities?

If you are interested in being considered for skilled trades openings, we recommend you follow our Facebook and Twitter pages via the links below. All candidates must have completed a bona fide apprenticeship program - or have either eight years of previous experience or a combination of previous work experience and training equivalent to a bona fide apprenticeship program. Qualified job seekers are encouraged to visit the online sources frequently and register at the state employment service office nearest the Ford facilities where they are interested in working.

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Q: How can I find out more about a particular function within Ford? The Careers website provides an overview of every skill team within the company, as well as examples of positions within each skill team.
Q: What skills and abilities does Ford look for in each applicant? Each function within Ford has identified skills and abilities valued in its workforce. Please refer to the Careers website for more details on desired attributes by skill team. Overall, Ford values employees who understand and have a passion for our business and our customers. Other characteristics we value (not an exhaustive list):
    —Initiative, integrity and good corporate citizenship
  • —Sound decision-making using facts and data
  • —Continuous improvement philosophy and practice
  • —Inclusion mindset: respect, listen to, help and appreciate others
  • —Belief in skilled and motivated people working together
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Full-Time Positions Expand All
Q: What are my start date options once I accept a full-time position? Start dates are determined by each skill team/function and are specific to its particular needs and the needs of the new hire. For recent college graduates, start dates are based on their graduation dates. Some skill teams (e.g., Marketing, Sales & Service; Manufacturing; Human Resources) require start dates that address placement in various locations throughout the regions within the U.S.
Q: I understand that some positions are on a rotational basis. What will the rotations consist of? Some skill teams have a two-year rotational program while others may have a three- to five-year developmental program. Each is developed specifically by the skill team, and includes a project description, three to five measureable objectives, three to five major contributions and expected benefits to the employee.
Q: Where will I be working if I accept a job with Ford? Most positions within the U.S. are based in the Dearborn, Michigan, area. Some skill teams (e.g., Marketing, Sales & Service; Manufacturing; Human Resources) may require placement in various locations throughout the U.S., in addition to maintaining positions within the Dearborn area. For example, some manufacturing and human resources positions are located in our assembly or parts plants throughout the country, as well as in Michigan.

Please view our Global Sites page to find postings in countries outside the U.S.
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Internships Expand All
Q: Do you offer paid internships in the U.S.? Yes. The U.S. Ford Summer Internship Program offers students hands-on, career-specific experience by providing full-time work during the summer break, from mid-May through the beginning of September. Summer interns have generally completed their junior year of an undergraduate program or one academic year of a Master's program and are expecting to graduate the following year. Individuals are selected for a summer internship because they are recognized as having top academic standing with exceptional leadership, communication and self-motivation skills. There are also opportunities for Fall and Winter internships in the Finance organization. All intern positions are posted on the Careers website.
Q: What will my work plan consist of, and what will I be working on throughout my internship? The summer intern work plan is developed by the supervisor and is skill-team specific. The general work plan consists of a project description, three to five measureable objectives, three to five major contributions and expected benefits to the intern.
Q: Will my internship generate a possible offer of employment with Ford Motor Company once I graduate from college? Interns who prove themselves to be exceptional may be offered full-time employment into our Ford College Graduate (FCG) program or other developmental programs if opportunity permits. Receiving an offer of employment with Ford depends on many variables including the needs of the skill team doing the hiring, the overall outcome of the intern's performance, the recommendation of the supervisor and the timeframe during which the intern will be eligible for full-time employment
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Miscellaneous Expand All
Q: Does Ford have social media links for Careers? You can visit our U.S. Facebook page and our U.S. Twitter page.

To view social media sites in other regions of the world, visit our Global Sites page.
Q: How do I get more information regarding applicants with disabilities? If you need a reasonable accommodation for the online application process due to a disability, please call 1-888-336-0660. Be sure to include your contact information and details about the posted position of interest. We will return only those inquiries requesting online application assistance for those individuals with a disability.
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