Ford Credit

Ford Credit is a leading automotive financing company and a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. We have supported the sale of Ford Motor Company products for more than 50 years and we currently provide financial products and services in approximately 100 countries.


What We Do

  • Risk Management

    Identifies, measures, and communicates risk and opportunities by using tools, analysis and the best information available.

  • Marketing

    Assists Ford Motor Company and its dealers in selling more vehicles by developing effective automotive financial products, marketing programs and sales tools.

  • Sales Operations

    Through all economic life cycles, Sales Operations provides financial products and services to Ford, its dealers and customers.

  • Quality & Process Management

    Ensures the quality of products and services in addition to developing and overseeing processes.

  • Business Center Operations

    Works hand-in-hand with both dealerships and customers to ensure a positive consumer experience. We have locations throughout the United States.

  • Insurance

    Develops, underwrites and manages insurance products and programs to support the sale and financing of Ford Motor Company vehicles.  

  • Leadership Developmental Program

    A multi-year rotational program within our Business Center Operations. It’s designed to prepare employees for progressive leadership roles within Ford Credit Business Centers, Corporate Office and Sales Operations.