"Opening The Highways to All Mankind" Discussion presented by Bennie Fowler

Ford Motor Company's Group Vice President of Quality, Bennie Fowler, will be presenting a discussion about "Opening The Highways to All Mankind," a Ford advertisement printed Jan. 24, 1925, in the Saturday Evening Post. The advertisement is about opening the highways to all mankind and making automobiles affordable for everyone. The dicsussion will be about this being Ford Motor Company's vision then and now, and how this idea is being implemented into Ford's workplace and culture.

Bennie will then go into a preview of the new products that Ford Motor Company is debuting along with pictures.

Come see what working for Ford Motor Company is about. You have the opportunity to meet and speak with Ford's Group Vice President of Quality, Bennie Fowler, Manager of Seat Systems Core Engineering, Dan Ferretti (PSU Alumn), PPM Manager of V6 & V8 Engine Forming, Dan Hiltz, Technical Specialist in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Frank Maslar (PSU Alumn), and three recent Penn State alumni that are engineers in Product Development and Manufacturing.

The distance between you and an amazing career has never been shorter!




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