2016 Ford Day at Purdue

​Ford Motor Company is hiring for interns and full-time positions. We are looking for enthusiastic students who are lifelong learners, enjoy tackling difficult projects, love making things, and are passionate about creating, selling, and supporting innovative products. 

Ford Day at Purdue

Wednesday, September 7th

8am-4:30pm: Displays at Engineering Mall & Memorial Mall, MSEE for the rain location.

5:30p-7p: PMU Anniversary Drawing room

Purduealumniwill be on hand to talk about career development at Ford, as well asshowing off some of our exciting cars, recent innovations, and current projects.

Ford is not just a car company, we want to change how the world moves by solving today’s growing global transportation challenges. Find out more about Ford’s Smart Mobility Experiments: http://digitalsnippets.ford.com/category/smart-mobility

Current job opportunities at Ford are posted on the Ford site and available: careers.ford.com

We are looking for interns and full-time employees with interests in various areas, including but not limited to:

Research and Product Development 

Focus areas include: Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Advanced Materials, Powertrain and Electrification, Chassis Design, Driver Assistance, Active Safety and Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Vehicle, Advanced Features

Majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Materials, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering

Manufacturing and Supplier Technical Assistance

Focus areas include: Manufacturing and Operations, Quality and Production Status for Outside Suppliers

Majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering

Information Technology 

Focus areas include: Connected Vehicle, Consumer Digital Marketing, Technology Research and Innovation

Majors: Computer Science, Computer Engineer, Computer Information Technology, MIS, Electrical Engineering Technology

Marketing, Sales & Service 

Focus areas include: Corporate-to-Dealer (B2B) role with Ford and Lincoln dealerships 

Majors: Management, Marketing, Selling and Sales, Economics, Industrial Management




Purdue University - Engineering Mall
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907
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