Windstar Safety Recall (10S13)

Ford is voluntarily recalling older, high-mileage Windstar minivans produced between mid-1997 and early 2003 for rear axles. In a very small number of cases, the axles have fractured in certain locations on the right and/or left side, and affected vehicle handling. We will notify affected owners in the very near future and ask them to bring their vehicles to their local dealers for inspection and any necessary repairs. As always, Ford is committed to responding quickly for our customers.

The recall for the Windstar – which is no longer in production – applies to vehicles in 21 states, the District of Columbia and Canada where road salt corrosion is more common.

Ford dealers at no charge to customers will reinforce the axles of the affected vehicles as parts are available. If it’s determined the axle can’t be reinforced, it will be replaced as soon as parts are available. Ford will provide for rental vehicles for customers until the rear axle of their vehicle has been replaced.