Technologies & Other Intellectual Property Available for Licensing and/or Sale

Ford Motor Company has a vast array of technologies (patented, non-patented, know-how, trade secrets, engineering standards/specifications, etc.) and other forms of intellectual property (copyrights, software, source code, manufacturing/quality processes and procedures, business methods, training materials, etc.) available for licensing and/or sale.

Ford Global Technologies, LLC (FGTL-TC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, manages all aspects of intellectual property for Ford Motor Company. The Technology Commercialization Team of FGTL markets and licenses/sells select patented and non-patented technologies and other forms of intellectual property to others for use inside and outside of the automotive industry.

For additional information and/or to inquire about our vast array of technologies that you may be interested in licensing or purchasing, please contact:

Chris A. Danowski
Director, Technology Commercialization and Licensing
Ford Global Technologies, LLC
Suite 800, Fairlane Plaza South
330 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, Michigan 48126 USA

Several technologies are showcased below, but many others are also available:

  • Vehicle Roll Stability Control (RSC) Technology
  • Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (Hydrogen ICE) and Vehicle Technology
  • Adaptive Front Lighting Technology
  • Active Night Vision Technology
  • Fuel Economy Minder (FEM) – a.k.a. Haptic Pedal & Coaching Method for Improving Vehicle Fuel Economy Technology
  • Air Plasma Coating for Direct Bonding to Glass
  • Rapid Production of Tools and Dies using Sprayed Steel (Plasma Transferred Wire Arc) Technology
  • Cold Extruded Helical Ring Gears for High Volume Automotive
  • Battery Electric Vehicle Data Acquisition and Reporting System
  • Driver Alert Warning System Technology
  • Traffic View System Technology
  • Six Speed Transmission Technology
  • Manufacturing and Product Engineering Knowledge-Based Learning Software
  • E-Workcell Tool used for Workstation Layouts at Assembly Plants
  • Eight Discipline (8-D) Copyrighted Training Materials to Problem-Solving
  • Eight Discipline (8D) Approach to Problem-Solving Software
  • Rapid CAE Mesh Modeling Software
  • Deployable (Inflatable) Roll Bar for Roof Expansion upon rollover
  • Dual Chamber Airbag Technology
  • Crash Detachable Front Chassis Subframe Technology
  • Inflatable Seat Belt Technology
  • Collision Safety System for use with a Motor Vehicle
  • Head Restraint Technology
  • Knee Airbag Technology
  • Rollover Component and Vehicle Testing Fixtures and Methodology to Reduce Prototype Costs
  • Various new Safety Restraint System Technologies
  • Advanced Revoknuckle Technology
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Perceived Quality Toolbox
  • Plastic Forming Technology
  • Machining of Work Pieces with CO2 Coolant
  • Diesel Engine After Treatment Technology
  • Ford Programmable Performing Process (Ford 3-P)
  • Method for Coating a Substrate for Adhesive Bonding
  • Electrohydraulic Forming Technologies
  • Electromagnetic Forming Technologies
  • Find Center Steering Technology
  • Moveable Bulkhead and Stowable Seat for a Commercial Vehicle
  • Various Powertrain Control Modules (PCM) Technologies
  • Wireless Gap Sensor Technology
  • Method/Software for Neural Network Misfire Detection in an Internal Combustion Engine
  • Vast array of Engine Related Technologies
  • Vast array of Powertrain Related Technologies
  • Various Sliding Door and Sealing Structure Technologies
  • Ergonomic Software
  • Ultrasonic Welding (USW) Technology
  • Crankshaft Bearing Sleeve Technology
  • Select Wheel Suspension Technology
  • Moveable Bulkhead and Stowable Seat for a Commercial Vehicle
  • Nanocomposite Manufacturing Process and System Technologies
  • Vast array of Manufacturing Technologies
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Technology
  • Variable Cam Timing Valve Body Assembly Oil Flow System for Engine Cylinder Head
  • Glow-in-Dark Emergency Trunk Release Handle
  • Wiper Spray Simulator
  • On-Board Reductant Delivery System
  • Hose Clamp Tool and Other Special Service Tool Technologies
  • Various Window Regulator Technologies
  • Best Practices Replication
  • Various Ford Training and Executive Development Training Center Classes
  • Sync Diagnostic Tool Tester