Ford CEO Joins Industry, Government Leaders for Fuel Economy Standards Framework

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 29, 2011 – Today, U.S. President Obama announced the next phase in One National Program for fuel economy standards that will help significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting jobs and the economy.

Ford President and CEO Alan MulallyFord President and CEO Alan Mulally, along with other industry and government leaders, joined President Obama in Washington today for this announcement on a framework for standards for 2017 through 2025.

The following is a statement from Mulally: “We are absolutely committed to continuously improving the fuel efficiency of all of our vehicles. We support today’s agreement in principle on one national program for fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions for the 2017-2025 model years.

"We are pleased to have worked together with all the stakeholders to be a part of a solution that benefits the environment while protecting jobs and providing customers with a full range of affordable vehicle choices. This agreement provides the regulatory certainty we need to design and build fuel-efficient vehicles during the next 14 years.

“We also appreciate the President’s leadership in driving a solution that brings together all of the stakeholders and the bipartisan leadership of the Michigan delegation in advocating for a balanced approach that protects the environment and the economy.”

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