Delivering New Products

Our financial turnaround has been based largely on our ability to deliver high-quality, innovative and desirable products everywhere we operate, including in both mature and rapidly growing markets. To further our progress, we are continually improving quality and customer satisfaction and anticipating and responding to changes in customer demand. We have aligned our product development, manufacturing and marketing organizations worldwide to deliver the right products to the right markets as efficiently as possible. (Please see our Global Products chart for an overview of our product offerings around the world.)

We are committed to introducing new products that consumers want and value, and we are receiving very positive reactions from consumers, the media and independent evaluators in response to the products we introduced in 2010. We plan to build on this strength in 2011. Our global product strategy is to serve all major markets with a complete family of products that have best-in-class design, quality, “green,” safety and smart features.

To meet these global goals, in 2010 we delivered 24 new or redesigned vehicles to key markets around the world with class-leading fuel economy, quality, safety and technology. We plan to refresh all regional showrooms showcasing geographically available models approximately one-and-a-half times over the 2010–2014 period.

This section reports on our efforts to deliver the products customers want. Specifically, it discusses our efforts to track changing customer needs, deliver more fuel-efficient vehicles, offer “smart” technologies and ensure customer satisfaction and quality. The section also summarizes our sales highlights for 2010 and discusses our efforts to build customer awareness of our products.