Working with the UAW

In November 2007, Ford workers represented by the UAW ratified a new collective bargaining agreement with Ford that includes significant innovative features to enhance productivity and reduce costs. The new agreement helps Ford to deliver on its key priorities, as it significantly improves Ford’s competitiveness and allows the Company to continue to pursue its restructuring efforts.

As part of this agreement, Ford agreed to “in-source” 1,559 jobs to the UAW by 2012. We are currently on track to add more than 2,100 UAW jobs into our U.S. plants by the end of 2012, exceeding our commitment by about 35 percent.

Ford shared profits with its U.S. hourly Ford employees as a result of the Company’s financial performance during 2010. The average amount – about $5,000 for eligible full-time hourly employees – is the largest payment Ford has been in a position to make since 2000.