Shareholder Relations

We place high importance on our communications with our shareholders and on making sure we meet the highest levels of transparency. We value each of our shareholder’s input, regardless of the level of shareholdings, and we give consideration to all information provided to us.

In our annual shareholder meeting, we bring shareholders together with our senior executives. There, shareholders are given an opportunity to make their opinions heard by the most senior leaders of the Company. Shareholders are given an opportunity to express an opinion on topics of interest, either in person at the meeting itself or by submitting proposals in advance. In addition, we have made sure our voting process provides shareholders with a variety of methods of voting, including via web, mail or telephone prior to the meeting or in attendance at the meeting itself.

We also take our financial disclosure process very seriously. We strive to provide information of value in our financial reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and via our quarterly earnings conference calls, monthly U.S. sales calls and participation at key automotive conferences. In addition, our website provides a valuable source of information for shareholders. The website,, contains webcasts and presentations from prior conference calls, information on upcoming events and key news events, along with reports we have filed with the SEC and key information about our stock. We also provide an email alert service for people who want to keep abreast of any key new information posted to our site.

Finally, we have a dedicated Investor Relations team in place to maintain ongoing relationships with the financial community and to engage with individual shareholders. Our Investor Relations team may be reached directly at 800-555-5259 or We have engaged Computershare, an investor services company, to provide transfer agent services for individuals who wish to buy Ford common stock directly. Interested individuals may contact Computershare at 800-279-1237 or via our website at