As a customer- and product-driven company, our vehicles are the foundation of our business. Our products are also a major focal point of our environmental impacts and our efforts to reduce those impacts.

This section reports on the environmental aspects1 of our products, from their design through their use through to the end of their lifecycle. Specifically, we report on:

  • Tailpipe emissions, including hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matter that can contribute to smog formation and other air-pollution issues
  • Sustainable materials, including efforts to increase our use of recycled and renewable materials, improve vehicle interior air quality and eliminate substances of concern

The fuel efficiency of our products, as well as our product-related greenhouse gas emissions, are reported in the Climate Change section of this report.

  1. Environmental aspects is a term used in the ISO 14001 framework to denote elements of an organization’s activities, products and services that can interact with the environment.