Climate Change Governance

Because the climate change issue is so important to us at Ford, it is managed through governance systems at all levels of the Company. The Sustainability Committee of our Board of Directors regularly reviews Ford’s actions related to climate change.

Substantive changes to our plans for addressing climate change – whether relating to our products, facilities or policies – are highlighted and agreed to at the highest levels of Ford’s executive management through the Business Progress Review process. Related emerging issues are reviewed as needed in Special Attention Review meetings.

In addition, strategic product direction related to climate change goals is provided by a senior executive committee, made up of vice president and executive stakeholders, who guide the development of the vision, policy and business goals. (See Governance and Management Structures.)

Related executive planning teams are responsible for developing detailed and specific policy, product and technical analyses to meet objectives. These teams base their plans on scientific data and promote actions that will help achieve the Company’s environmental ambitions, recognizing the need to use a holistic approach to effectively protect the environment. Metrics have been established and are reviewed regularly to ensure satisfactory progress. We have also developed strategic principles to guide our approach.