Our employees are our most valuable resource. They are the ones who have helped us weather this most recent difficult period and who are moving us forward on our path to success.

While we have many types of employees and work arrangements, all of our employees together create a skilled and motivated team aligned around our overall ONE Ford objectives. Our ONE Ford plan aligns our efforts toward a common definition of success: having ONE Team, ONE Plan and ONE Goal for an exciting, viable Ford that delivers profitable growth for all. ONE Ford also provides consistent goals and expectations for employees, whether they work in Michigan or China, with a clear focus on the skills and behaviors we must demonstrate to accomplish our goals. All members of our global team are held accountable for incorporating ONE Ford into their daily work.

We have integrated ONE Ford into our people processes to support employee development and drive accountability for moving the Company forward while demonstrating expected behaviors that are fundamental to the success of ONE Ford:

  • F: Foster Functional and Technical Excellence
  • O: Own Working Together
  • R: Role Model Ford Values
  • D: Deliver Results

Over the last few years, ONE Ford has required that we enhance our human resource strategies in order to create a great place to work; develop a capable and effective workforce; align our organizational structure with our global business footprint; and provide the “people”-related processes to support our workforce.

ONE Ford