Sustainability 2011/12

Financial Health

“Going Further”

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we promise to deliver not only on what consumers expect today, but to work even harder to deliver what they will want tomorrow. This concept is embedded in a new global brand promise we introduced in early 2012, one that takes the ONE Ford plan to the next level and helps to convey its meaning to those outside of our Company. Much more than a tagline, our “Go Further” promise represents a new energy and momentum at Ford. It’s the pledge that we make to our colleagues, our customers and our communities that we won’t rest on our laurels – that we will continue to innovate great products that build a stronger business and a better world.

“Go Further” is also a way to express three characteristics that link back to our Company’s heritage: people serving people; ingenuity; and attainability. At Ford, we already “go further” through our service to our local communities, to our dealers, to our employees and to our customers. We’re also going further by making innovations available to everyone – not only to a select few. Just like Henry Ford imagined with his opened highways.

In truth, we couldn’t launch a global brand promise before now. That’s because we couldn’t tie a global brand promise to vehicles that were regional, with car models that varied greatly according to the locations in which they were built and sold. Only in the last couple of years have we developed a truly global portfolio of products. For example, the new Ford Focus that launched recently in the U.S., Europe and China is built with parts that are 80 percent the same in all locations; the remaining 20 percent of parts vary to allow for customer flexibility and choice. Our new global products (such as the Focus, Fiesta, Escape/Kuga and Fusion/Mondeo) have created a clear and consistent identity for Ford in the world marketplace, allowing us to speak to consumers in a single voice and communicate a single promise.

As we discuss in the Blueprint for Sustainability section, our ONE Ford plan, coupled with our global brand, are enabling us to advance our sustainability strategy while revitalizing the financial health of our Company as a whole. Indeed, our sustainability strategy and our overall ONE Ford business strategy are intrinsically linked.

Here at Ford, we’re continuing to step on the pedal to accelerate our Company to go further.

CEO of the Year

Our CEO, Alan Mulally, was lauded as Chief Executive magazine’s 2011 CEO of the Year. Chosen by a panel of his CEO peers, Mulally was feted for leading our Company from the brink of bankruptcy while balancing the needs of all stakeholders.