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Key Partners

Mobility issues are complex and rapidly changing. Developing solutions to mobility challenges requires innovative, systems thinking. We partner with organizations that can give us access to the latest research, insights and integrative ability.

For example, Ford has been working with the University of Michigan’s Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation (SMART) project since April 2005. SMART takes a collaborative, systems approach to developing innovative, sustainable and connected mobility and accessibility solutions in urban regions around the globe. Building on the seminal work of Moving the Economy in Toronto, SMART has pioneered new thinking, new partnerships and pilot projects related to emerging markets and industry development.

SMART has provided the empirical research and inspiration for Ford’s mobility projects. The insights of the SMART leadership team have served as a foundation for our innovative approach to business opportunities related to New Mobility and for our work with other key sectors, including manufacturing, IT, logistics, tourism, real estate, design and more. In addition to developing New Mobility business opportunities and markets, SMART and Ford are seeking to improve quality of life, employment and other community benefits in cities all over the world over the long term. We are convinced that our partnership with SMART will produce a new systems approach for addressing the increasingly complex challenges to achieving sustainable mobility and accessibility globally, while at the same time transforming the transportation industry into a more sustainable and equitable industry.