Sustainability 2011/12



Ford Motor Company operations affect a broad range of stakeholders. We believe that maintaining strong and open relationships with our employees, dealers, communities and customers plays an important role in our ability to meet our goals.

Positive relationships with employees and business partners help us to improve efficiencies, cost and quality, and allow us to develop and to innovate. Effective two-way communication with our customers, dealers and other stakeholders helps us to understand and deliver the products that customers want.

This section of our report focuses on the people who interact with our Company in different ways – the employees who work for us; the dealers who sell and lease our vehicles; the individuals who live and work in the broader communities in which we operate; and the customers who purchase our products. (Information on our suppliers can be found in the Supply Chain section. Information on our investors can be found on the Ford investor website.)

  1. As of April 2012.