Sustainability 2011/12


Diversity and Inclusion

Henry Ford saw the wisdom of creating a diverse workforce, long before such a concept was embraced by other business leaders. A century later, we continue to attract a highly skilled and committed workforce that reflects diversity across culture, ethnicity, race, perspective, age, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation.

We are a global business, with many talented people working together. The more we embrace our differences within Ford, the better we can deliver what our customers want and the more successful Ford will be. The business case for diversity is strong. Companies with global and diverse workforces have better chances of succeeding with a diverse, international customer base.

Throughout the history of Ford Motor Company, inclusion has been as much a part of the Company’s success as the products our diverse employee base has created. Ford is a leader in diversity and inclusion, and both remain key business strategies. Diversity – including diversity of thought, experience, perspective, race, gender, faith and more – is embraced at every level of our organization. Our diversity makes us a better and a stronger company, by bringing in fresh ideas, perspectives, experiences and life responsibilities, and by fostering a truly collaborative workplace.

We have received more than 200 diversity awards in recent years from publications and organizations recognizing the value the Company places on building a diverse and inclusive culture. Our employees also recognize Ford’s efforts in this area. According to our 2011 Pulse survey, 82 percent of our workers globally believe Ford’s management is committed to diversity.

Detailed information on our U.S. workforce by minority groups and gender can be found in our Engagement and Community data: U.S. Employment of Minority-group Personnel and Women at Year-end.

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