Sustainability 2011/12


Workplace Health and Safety

Ford Motor Company Vision for Health and Safety

Our vision is to achieve zero fatalities and no serious injuries, and to protect and continually improve the health of our workforce.

In 1999, Ford began a Safety Leadership Initiative aimed at making our workplaces safer. In the 12 years since, we have seen dramatic results, with overall injury rates dropping to a tenth of their previous levels. We are competitive within our industry; however, we want to be the best. The practices established in this initiative are so fully a part of how we run our business that we’ve dropped the term “Initiative” and now simply call it “Health and Safety Leadership.”

The “health” part of health and safety is also an increasing focus for Ford. This is driven by growing recognition of the impact that health issues like heart disease, diabetes and obesity can have on the well-being of our employees, as well as the cost of providing health care to our workforce in the U.S. By helping employees to prevent serious diseases and effectively manage chronic conditions, we can have a positive impact on our employees’ quality of life and our bottom line.

Our top executives and managers remain committed to ensuring that our people remain safe and healthy while working as part of our ONE Ford team. Management compensation has been more heavily weighted to safety results, including serious injury performance.

We recently updated our health and safety management systems with a new Safety Operating System (SOS) that is part of our overall manufacturing strategy, the Ford Production System. The SOS provides for the health and safety of our employees through empowered teams of people working together. Safety is one of the core components of the Ford Production System, along with quality, delivery, cost, people, maintenance and environment.

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