Sustainability 2011/12



We establish accountability for health and safety performance through our business planning and scorecard processes, which set targets and assign responsibility for meeting those targets. Business operation and plant managers are responsible for health and safety in the operations they manage, and their performance in this area is a factor in their incentive compensation. In addition, safety performance is included in the scorecards of salaried employees as appropriate, including those of the CEO and business unit leaders.

As our safety programs have strengthened, we have looked for ways to increase the accountability of all workers so they not only follow the rules and procedures for themselves, but they also look out for their coworkers. Our safety data demonstrates to us that the majority of injuries are the result of individuals failing to follow safety protocols. We have increased training programs to ensure that workers understand what is required of them and to further build accountability into individual safety performance.

We aim to improve the culture of workplace safety so employees feel they can point out violations made by their coworkers in an effort to improve safety for everyone.