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Vehicle Safety

Ford remains a global leader in vehicle safety. As a leader in safety technology, we deploy advanced active and passive safety technology and materials in our full product lineup.

The Ford Fiesta is the first car in its segment to earn top crash-test ratings in each of the world’s largest auto markets that perform safety testing – i.e. the U.S., China and Europe. The Ford Focus and the Ford Mondeo also have received five-star ratings in C-NCAP testing in China.

We have developed an array of programs and technologies that help to encourage safer behavior on the roadways for both experienced and novice drivers. For example, Ford Driving Skills for Life (FDSFL), Ford’s driver education program, demonstrates our commitment to help new drivers to improve their motoring skills. In our Asia Pacific and Africa region, the program is aimed at first-time drivers of all ages. FDSFL is in its fifth year training newly licensed drivers in Asia and Africa, with programs in China, India, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. FDSFL programs are tailored in each of these markets to reflect the local driving environment and road conditions. So far, 50,000 people have participated in the program across Asia and Africa, with another 12,000 expected in 2012.

See the Vehicle Safety and Driver Assist Technologies section for more on our vehicle safety technologies and activities.