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Ford remains a global leader in vehicle safety. We deploy advanced active and passive safety technology and materials in our full product lineup.

In 2012, EuroNCAP, Europe’s leading authority on auto safety, named the Ford Focus the “Best in Class” small family car, in recognition of the vehicle’s crash-test rating and advanced safety technology. The Focus received one of only five best-in-class accolades on the strength of its maximum five-star EuroNCAP rating as well as four EuroNCAP Advanced Rewards, an achievement unmatched by any other high-volume car. The Focus achieved an adult occupant score of 92 percent, a child occupant rating of 82 percent, a pedestrian score of 72 percent and safety-assist rating of 71 percent.

Euro NCAP Awards Recognize Ford Focus Safety Technologies

Euro NCAP Awards Recognize Ford Focus Safety Technologies

The Focus also received EuroNCAP Advanced rewards for the following four technologies:

  • Driver Alert, designed to detect driver fatigue
  • Forward Alert, which uses radar technology to scan the road ahead and alert the driver if a collision is likely
  • Active City Stop, which helps to avoid or mitigate accidents at low speeds
  • Lane Keeping Aid technologies, which warn drivers and assist drivers who unintentionally stray from their lane

EuroNCAP also made special mention of the new Ford Ranger, after it became the safest pick-up yet tested by the organization. The Ranger achieved the only five-star EuroNCAP rating ever awarded to a pick-up. It scored highly in all areas of the assessment, receiving particular credit for pedestrian protection.

In 2012, EuroNCAP re-graded the Ranger using its new, tougher scoring system, and the pick-up still achieved the maximum possible five-star rating. Thus the Ranger remains the only five-star-rated pick-up on sale. The bestselling Focus also retained its five stars after being reassessed.

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