Sustainability 2011/12

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Our employees are the driving force behind our success. Our recent financial recovery can be attributed in large part to the dedication and strong performance of our workforce. Our employees are also critical in our efforts to contribute to our communities and the environment.

Through initiatives like the Global Week of Caring, the annual Conservation and Environmental Grants China (CEGC) awards, and the Henry Ford Conservation Awards, Ford has made a positive impact on communities and environmental issues throughout South America.

Global Week of Caring

During the 2011 Global Week of Caring, the number of employees volunteering their time in Argentina increased by around 70 percent compared to 2010. Volunteers participated in activities with several nonprofit organizations during this week. For example, they donated blood, organized and packaged clothes and food that they also donated, and helped in the building of three houses. Explore a full list of our Global Week of Caring and other volunteerism efforts in South America in our map of community investment.

In 2011, Ford employee initiatives also included the following:

  • In Brazil, we provided environmental awareness and ISO 14001 training to our employees, as well as courses in infant nutrition, and computer science
  • In Brazil, the Citizenship Committee of Ford’s Taubaté plant just re-inaugurated its Computer School and is offering free computer courses for Ford employees, their families and the entire community
  • The SOS Southeast campaign – which is sponsored by Ford Brazil employees to help those made homeless by the rains in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro as well as in Sao Paulo – donated about 34.5 tons of food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and clothes, in addition to financial donations
  • More than 400 Ford Venezuela employees volunteered for World Beach Day, collecting and disposing of more than 500 kilograms of trash
  • Ford Argentina and its dealer network inaugurated a school in Tucuman, the 17th since the start of the Educación para un Nuevo Mañana program in 2002.

For a discussion of our global commitment to our stakeholders please see the People section.