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Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is a critical part of our aim to Go Further, and we work to build in safety from the very beginning of each product development process. Indeed, safety is one of four principles that guide our every design and engineering effort.

Ford remains a global leader in vehicle safety. The Ford Fiesta Kinetic Design was named as the 2011 Gold Safety Car among all the categories awarded by the Center for Experimentation and Road Safety (CESVI) in Argentina. Previously, the Fiesta Kinetic Design was also named as the safest car in the B-segment category. CESVI, a member of the Research Council for Automobile Repairs, is a respected organization dedicated to vehicle and roadway safety evaluation and research.

Several public and private agencies around the world perform crash testing of vehicles and publish safety ratings, however these rating systems are relatively new in South America. Recently, New Car Assessment Programs (NCAPs) are being launched in regions where they have not existed in the past. This is partly due to a new nonprofit organization based in London called Global NCAP that is promoting the establishment of NCAPs around the world. Global NCAP developed a Latin NCAP system, which is now providing ratings on vehicles in South and Central America.

See the Vehicle Safety and Driver Assist Technologies section for more on our vehicle safety technologies and activities.