Our Blueprint for Sustainability

At Ford, we define sustainability as a business model that creates value consistent with the long-term preservation and enhancement of environmental, social and financial capital.

Several years ago, the term “Blueprint for Sustainability” was introduced at Ford to describe the actions we are taking to achieve outstanding fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our products. We now use the term more broadly to describe our sustainability strategy as a while, reflecting the fact that our important sustainability issues are part of a complex system that interconnects our products, plants, people and the communities in which we operate.

This section provides an overview of how our business and sustainability strategies relate, how the Company is governing and managing sustainability issues, and how these, together, drive sustainability performance.

We first discuss our business strategy and sustainability strategy and how the two are connected. We also describe the materiality analysis we have used to identify our most significant sustainability issues and focus our strategy and reporting. The section called Our Value Chain and its Impacts provides an updated and expanded value chain analysis, including our efforts to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts of our operations and products throughout our value chain. The Governance section explains Ford’s overall and sustainability governance, including how we address human rights and other ethical issues, how we engage with stakeholders and our management of key sustainability issues.


Download Summary Report

Ford’s 2012/13 Sustainability Report is summarized in this 8-page downloadable document.

Visit our Downloads page for this report in full or as separate sections along with supplementary publications.