Ford’s business strategy is embodied in our ONE Ford plan. ONE Ford expands on our Company’s four-point business plan for achieving success globally. The four-point business plan consists of the following:

  • Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix
  • Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value
  • Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet
  • Work together effectively as one team

Building on this plan, ONE Ford encourages focus, teamwork and a single global approach, aligning employee efforts toward a common definition of success. It emphasizes the importance of working together as one team to achieve automotive leadership, which is measured by the satisfaction of our customers, employees and essential business partners, such as our dealers, investors, suppliers, unions/councils and the communities in which we operate. We have defined a set of behaviors that are expected of all employees to support the ONE Ford plan.

The goal of ONE Ford is to create an exciting and viable company delivering profitable growth for all. We are focused on building:

  • Great Products, a full family of vehicles – small, medium and large; cars, utilities and trucks – with best-in-class quality, fuel efficiency, safety and smart design
  • Strong Business, based on a balanced portfolio of products and global presence; and
  • Better World, accomplished through our sustainability strategy

Our aim is to have profitable growth across geographies and product types (see graphics below).

Ford’s Changing Geographic Mix of Volume

Volumes grow in all regions, with Asia Pacific and Africa expected to greatly exceed overall industry growth.

Ford’s Changing Geographic Mix of Volume

Ford’s Changing Product Segmentation

Our small vehicle mix will continue to grow, while large vehicles including trucks remain important.

Ford’s Changing Product Segmentation

As detailed in the Financial Health section, during 2012 Ford continued its turnaround, fueled by disciplined adherence to the ONE Ford plan. Driven by strong results from Ford North America, we reported total Company full-year, pre-tax profit of $8 billion – our third year in a row of $8 billion or more in pre-tax profits.1 Ford was the best-selling brand in the U.S., and the Ford Focus was the No. 1-selling vehicle nameplate in the world in 2012.2

Our financial turnaround has been based largely on our ability to deliver high-quality, innovative and desirable products everywhere we operate, in both mature and rapidly growing markets. To further our progress, we are continually improving quality and customer satisfaction and anticipating and responding to changes in customer demand. We have aligned our product development, manufacturing and marketing organizations worldwide to deliver the right products to the right markets as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of vehicle or region, Ford’s global vehicles showcase our commitment to fuel efficiency. Technologies like EcoBoost®, direct injection of gasoline or diesel fuel, six-speed transmissions, and hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains deliver true “power of choice” to drivers everywhere.

As we shift our focus from surviving to thriving, we’re continuing to implement the ONE Ford plan. But we also Go Further – to deliver ingenious products, make them available to everyone and serve each other, our customers and our communities. Go Further is our global brand promise and our approach as we accelerate ahead.

  1. Pre-tax profits exclude special items. For additional information, see Ford Motor Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2012, on our website.
  2. According to R L Polk 2012 Top 10 global registrations.


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