PHEV Technology Overview

Below is a detailed look at the components that are used in the Ford C-MAX Energi, one of our plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV).

Ford C-MAX Energi Plug-In Hybrid

Inverter System Controller

The inverter system controller manages hybrid powertrain control, including DC-to-AC conversion, driving the electric motors in the transmission for optimal fuel economy while providing the performance drivers want.

Air Conditioning Compressor

Specifically designed for electrified-vehicle application, the compressor draws energy directly from the high-voltage battery pack, which allows the engine to turn off more frequently to save fuel while enabling cabin cooling to continue.

2.0L Atkinson-Cycle Gasoline Engine

This all-new, high-efficiency, advanced four-cylinder engine has independent variable camshaft timing and delivers fuel efficiency and performance.

Electric Water Pumps

The main electric water pump provides engine cooling. Smaller pumps provide inverter system controller cooling and heater core coolant circulation when the engine is off.

Electric Heater

The electric heater is an energy-efficient technology that heats coolant; it is specifically designed for use on electrified vehicles.

Electric Power Steering

The electric power steering is tuned to deliver class-leading steering feel. It also is available with the Active Park Assist feature.

Hybrid Transmission

The PHEV’s hybrid transmission includes an electric traction motor capable of providing 88 kW of power, coupled with a generator in a powersplit transaxle. It provides an electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission function, which harmoniously manages power from the gasoline engine.

Transaxle Oil Pump

The oil pump provides powersplit transaxle cooling, which is required by increased electric-only driving.

Regenerative Braking

With the regenerative-braking technology, more than 95 percent of the energy normally lost through braking is recovered and stored in the battery via the electric drive.

Electric Vacuum Pump

The electric vacuum pump provides energy-efficient, power-assisted braking.

Engine Control Module

The engine control module manages engine control systems to maximize fuel economy and minimize emissions.

Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

The advanced lithium-ion battery pack provides total energy of 7.6 kWh with air cooling for thermal management. It also includes a control module that manages temperature and state of charge, and a DC-to-DC converter that provides 12V battery to power vehicle accessories (headlights, etc.).

Onboard Charger Module

Packaged in the battery pack, an onboard charger module converts AC utility power to DC battery storage energy.

Charge Port Light Ring

A standard SAE J1772 plug interface is used for charging. Ford’s charge port “light ring” provides an external indicator of charging status.


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