Relationship Management

We know that to manage health and safety effectively, we must maintain good relationships with all stakeholders. Our unions globally share our commitment to a safe working environment and have been our partners at every step of the Health and Safety Leadership effort and other health and safety programs. We also maintain important external relationships with regulatory agencies, professional organizations and suppliers. In the U.S., formal partnerships among Ford, the UAW, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and its state counterparts are a visible example.

We use multiple communication channels to reinforce safety messages, from our internal video broadcast system to messages from senior executives. In addition to regular safety talks, we periodically hold safety stand-downs that shut production at our plants to focus attention on a safety message. We can communicate nearly instantaneously with health and safety specialists worldwide, alerting those at similar facilities when a significant accident occurs, so they can take appropriate preventive action. For more information, see the Safety Culture and Accountability section.


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