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Case Study: Connected Vehicles

In the future, vehicle technologies will allow cars to communicate wirelessly with one another and with roadway infrastructure using advanced Wi-Fi signals or dedicated short-range communications. Learn about Ford technologies that are already showing what is possible in the realm of connected vehicles, as well as collaborative research we are undertaking with others to help the vision become reality.

Case Study: Public Domain Ratings

Public domain rating programs that perform vehicle crash testing and other assessments, which differ around the world, have regularly updated their testing protocols and evaluation criteria. Read about the changes that several of these programs have made over the past two years – changes that are making it increasingly difficult to achieve the highest ratings, even though vehicles are safer than ever.

Case Study: Electrified Vehicle Safety

Because hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure battery electric vehicles contain a high-voltage battery, first responders – the firefighters, police officers and emergency medical technicians who show up at the scene of a crash site – need some special knowledge and skills to be able to safely address a vehicle crash involving an these vehicles. Read what Ford is doing to help educate first responders.


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Ford’s 2012/13 Sustainability Report is summarized in this 8-page downloadable document.

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