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Climate Change and the Environment

Sustainable Technologies and Alternative Fuels Plan

Overview of Our Plan

In 2007, we set out an ambitious plan of vehicle technology and alternative powertrain and fuel actions to meet our climate stabilization goals. For the past seven years, we have consistently implemented this plan, delivering significant improvements in the fuel economy of our global product portfolio and enabling the use of alternative fuels.

A Portfolio Approach

Ford is taking a portfolio approach to provide consumers with a range of different options that improve fuel economy and overall sustainability while still meeting individual driving needs. We call this strategy the “power of choice.”

Improving Fuel Economy

Though the fuel economy of modern vehicles has improved significantly over the past few decades, there are still opportunities to further improve vehicles with traditional gasoline and diesel powertrains. We are implementing a range of advanced engine and transmission technologies as well as improving aerodynamics and reducing weight.

Migration to Alternative Fuels and Powertrains

Alternative fuels and powertrains are playing a growing role in reducing carbon emissions. We are implementing a range of alternatives to conventional internal combustion vehicles including electrified vehicles – i.e., hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles – as well as vehicles that run on renewable biofuels, natural gas and propane, and implementing advanced clean diesel technologies. We are also working to advance hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technologies.