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“Going Further”

What does it mean to “Go Further?”

At Ford, it means pushing ourselves to deliver great products that build a strong business and a better world. Go Further is our global brand promise that exemplifies our company’s culture and identifies what makes Ford unique. It’s a pledge that we make to our colleagues, to our customers and to our communities.

To put this into perspective, One Ford is our road map and plan while “Go Further” is the promise behind our efforts. More than just a tagline, Go Further is also a way to express three characteristics that link back to our company’s heritage: people serving people, ingenuity and attainability. At Ford, we strive to Go Further through our interactions with our customers, employees, dealers, suppliers, investors and communities.

We’re also going further by making innovations, such as affordable fuel technologies, available to everyone – not just to a select few who can afford to pay premium prices.

Since we introduced Go Further in early 2012, we have embedded it into the culture of our company, allowing us to make an even deeper emotional connection with our customers and our employees while conveying our mission in a simple and effective manner.

A global brand promise makes sense for a company whose products are truly global in scope. For many decades, we acted as a collection of regional companies, with products tied to specific markets. Today, our globalized platforms, and vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta, Focus, C‑MAX, Escape/Kuga and Fusion/Mondeo, have created a clear and consistent identity for Ford in the world marketplace, allowing us to speak to consumers in a single voice and communicate a single promise.

As we discuss in the Blueprint for Sustainability section, our One Ford plan, coupled with our global brand, enables us to advance our sustainability strategy while revitalizing the financial health of our company as a whole. Our sustainability strategy and our overall One Ford business strategy are fundamentally linked.

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