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Our customers’ wants and needs continue to evolve. We monitor consumer trends and develop and promote products to fit certain market segments. In recent years, we have paid particular attention to the growing demand for more fuel-efficient and cleaner vehicles.

We are also working to understand the unique and changing needs of our customers in urban and emerging markets, where congestion, air pollution, traffic safety issues and social inequalities add a new range of challenges to delivering personal transportation solutions. The Mobility Solutions section discusses our efforts to understand and address these challenges.

As the marketplace becomes more diverse, we are also working to better reach multicultural audiences, particularly in the United States. We have made dedicated efforts to market Ford and Lincoln products to African-American and Hispanic customers, including developing Spanish advertising programs targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. We have also been a leader in the development of in-language, Internet-based advertising programs. Our Spanish website, es.ford.com, is one of the most extensive in the industry. And, we were among the first to use Google with Spanish search programs.

This section discusses how we engage with customers, understand customer needs, build customer awareness of our products and increase customer awareness of environmental issues.