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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Profile


Products that become part of the vehicle

  • 60+ Countries in which suppliers are located
  • 36 Emerging markets in which suppliers are located
  • 21 Countries considered to have risks of substandard working conditions. These countries were identified as higher risk based on consultation with nongovernmental organizations, other companies with human rights experience, local Ford operations and various media and government reports
  • 65 Ford manufacturing sites
  • 1,100+ Supplier companies (Tier 1)
  • 4,100+ Supplier manufacturing sites (Tier 1)
  • 130,000 Parts currently being manufactured
  • 500 Production commodities to manage


Products and services that do not become part of the vehicle, such as construction, computers, industrial materials, health care, machinery, transportation, advertising

  • 11,000+ Supplier companies
  • 650+ Non-production commodities

Total global buy

  • $100+ billion1
  1. This figure was accidentally understated in this section of last year’s report at $75 billion. The actual figure for 2012 was $90 billion.