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Vehicle Safety and Driver Assist Technologies

At Ford, we have a long history of developing and implementing new innovations that improve the safety performance of our vehicles. Back in 1955, for example, Ford became the first automaker to offer factory-installed safety belts. That legacy of innovation continues today.

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Our Vision for the Future

Our Commitments and Performance Progress

Commitment: Design and manufacture vehicles that achieve high levels of performance in real-world safety and in public domain crash-testing programs and that offer innovative safety and driver assist technologies.

For the 2014 model year, nine Ford Motor Company vehicles earned the highest possible Overall Vehicle Score of five stars in the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For the 2013 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Awards, 13 Ford Motor Company vehicles earned Top Safety Picks.

University Partnerships

Case Study: Public Domain Ratings

Safety regulations and public domain rating programs differ around the world, and they are constantly evolving in response to various regional factors.

Case Study: Electrified Vehicle Safety

Because electrified vehicles (EVs) typically contain a battery with 300+ volts of power (compared to a 12-volt battery in a “regular” vehicle), first responders may need some special knowledge and skills to be able to safely address a vehicle crash involving an EV.

Case Study: Driver Distraction

Studies indicate that approximately 10% of drivers are using their cell phones at any given time, which has heightened concerns about the potential for driver distraction.

Voice: Pete Hardigan

Director of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Asia Pacific, Ford Motor Company

“Asia Pacific is a great example of our One Ford system at work. ... We’re taking processes and products from around the globe and we’re introducing them in Asia while meeting all the differing regulatory requirements.”

Post-Crash Technologies

Driver Education

2013 Highlights

16 countries in which Ford Driving Skills for Life is training drivers.

5 stars for adult protection in the most recent Latin NCAP, for the Ford EcoSport and Ford Focus.