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Ford Asia Pacific Africa

Our Asia Pacific Africa (APA) region encompasses 11 markets – Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and South Africa – on three continents. The fastest-growing markets for automobiles are in rapidly developing countries like China and India. We expect 60 to 70 percent of our growth in the next 10 years to come from the Asia Pacific Africa region. Accordingly, we have increased (and are planning to increase further) our dealer networks and manufacturing capacity in the region. For example, we and our unconsolidated joint venture affiliates opened two new plants in China in 2013, and currently are building six additional plants in the region – four in China and two in India – all as part of our plan to reach production capacity of 2.7 million vehicles by mid-decade. These new state-of-the-art, highly-flexible manufacturing facilities will help us reach the goal of increasing worldwide sales to about 8 million vehicles per year by mid-decade.

2013 Performance Highlights

  • Achieved record revenue, wholesales and market share in Asia Pacific Africa; full-year 2013 pre-tax profit at $415 million, up $492 million compared with 2012
  • Launched eight new vehicles in the region
  • Launched two new plants in China, building six new plants in China and India
  • Made the fuel-efficient EcoBoost® engine available on 10 vehicles in APA
  • Unveiled the all-new Ford Mustang
  • Announced plan to expand research and engineering capability in China
  • Invested more than US$1.8 million in community projects to help build a better world
  • Trained approximately 14,000 drivers through Ford Driving Skills for Life
  • Adopted the 16-hour paid Community Service Leave policy in all Asia Pacific markets
  • Plan to hire 6,000 new employees in 2014


  • Asia Pacific Top 50 IDEAL™ Employers – Universum
  • China Top 100 IDEAL™ Employers (2013 and 2014) – Universum
  • China Best 100 Human Resource Management Award – 51job Inc. China
  • Best Employee Engagement Program Award – 51job Inc. China.
  • Best CSR Program Award – 51job Inc. China
  • China Top 10 Ideal Employer for 2014 Graduates – Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Career Center
  • Ford Lio Ho: Corporate Role Model, Friendly Workplace – Taoyuan County Government, Taiwan
  • Ford Lio Ho: Excellent Enterprise Award – Green & Environmental Protection – Taoyuan County Government, Taiwan
  • Advanced technology product in Vietnam for EcoBoost® Engine – Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam
  • Golden Dragon Award, Vietnam’s most prestigious business accolade — the Vietnam Economic Times Newspaper, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Union of Scientific and Technology Associations, and the Vietnam Economic Association.
  • Top Vietnam Service Brands Award (Green & Sustainable) – Ministry of Industry & Trade, Vietnam

In addition:

  • The Ford EcoSport was the most awarded vehicle in India, with 30 awards
  • The Ford Figo was ranked highest in dependability in the Premium Compact Car segment in India by JD Power