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Ford South America


At Ford, we have focused on reducing our water use since 2000, when we first began setting year-over-year reduction targets as part of our Global Water Management Initiative. In Brazil over the last five years, we achieved a 23 percent reduction in absolute water consumption and 16 percent reduction per vehicle produced, representing a total of 307 million liters of water saved. Our efforts around water have evolved over the years; we have moved beyond merely reducing the water footprint of our own facilities to working more holistically outside our corporate walls, addressing water concerns in our supply chain and our broader communities.

We are conducting water assessment pilot projects to help us gain a better understanding of our usage. As of early 2014, we have conducted assessments at 12 global sites, including Pacheco Stamping and Assembly in Argentina, and we continue to add new plants for assessment each year. We are in the process of evaluating the results to determine what measures can feasibly be taken to reduce water and save our company money at the same time.

For a discussion of our global commitment to water issues, please see the Water section.

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