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Ford Around the World

Around the world, Ford aims to deliver profitable growth for all. In all of our regions, we are taking actions to reduce the environmental impact of our products and facilities, support positive social change and ensure economic viability for long-term growth. Through the end of 2013, our business was organized into four regional segments: North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific Africa.1

Gearing Up for Growth in Asia Pacific Africa

Providing Consumer Choice in South America

Reducing Emissions in Europe

Our Regions at a Glance

  Ford employees Vehicles sold in 2013
North America 84,0002 3.1 million3
Europe 50,000 1.4 million
Asia Pacific Africa 23,000 1.3 million
South America 18,000 538,000
  1. In 2014, we realigned our regional operating structure to create a new business unit – Middle East and Africa. In future years, we plan to begin reporting based on this new regional structure.
  2. Employment figures are as of year-end 2013 and do not include employees of Ford Motor Credit or our unconsolidated joint ventures.
  3. Vehicle sales numbers are wholesales.