Engaging with, and investing in, the communities in which we operate.

 What We’re Doing

We continue to expand our financial contributions and volunteer efforts around the globe. Our support for the communities in which we operate is aligned with our company goals and our One Ford plan, which includes our ambition to build a better world.

Mutual Interests

We seek community investments that meet local needs, have a measurable impact and, where possible, can be replicated elsewhere.

 Community Engagement and Investment

Building a Better World

Our community investments are focused on three strategic priorities: community life, education and driver safety.

 Building a Better World: Our Community Projects

Ford Volunteer Corps

We encourage our employees to participate in programs that build stronger communities and improve people’s lives.

 Employee Volunteering

 Why It Matters

Our global company is only as strong as the local communities in which our employees and customers live and work. It is therefore in our mutual interest to support them, and invest in them, to improve quality of life and maintain their trust. Our efforts range from making a positive contribution to human rights to addressing water issues beyond our factory gates.

 Our Performance

Charitable Contributions

Total contributions to community activities ($ million)



Volunteer Corps

Time spent on Ford-sponsored community projects (thousand volunteer hours)