Data: Financial

A. Cumulative Shareholder Five-Year Return


 Base 2010201320142015
S&P 500100156.82178.29180.75
  •  Provided by third party: Standard & Poor’s, a division of the McGraw Hill Financial

Updated data to reflect 2010 base.

For more information, please see Ford’s Annual Report (pdf, 10.6MB).

B. Financial Operating Highlights

Key Metrics

$ billion, except for percentages

Operating margin15.4%4.6%6.8%
Operating-related cash flow26.13.67.3
Ford Credit
Pre-tax profit1.81.92.1
Total company
Pre-tax profit28.67.310.8

Amounts Attributable to Ford Motor Company

$ million

Net income7,1821,2317,373

Cash and Spending

$ billion

Automotive cash at year end
Automotive gross cash324.821.723.6
– Cash net of Automotive debt9.17.910.8
Automotive capital spending6.67.47.1

Shareholder Value

$ per share

Dividends paid0.400.500.60
  1. Automotive operating margin is defined as Automotive pre-tax results, excluding special items and Other Automotive, divided by Automotive revenue.
  2. Excludes special items; reconciliation to GAAP for full-year 2014 and 2015 provided in “Results of Operations” (p34, 2015 Annual Report (pdf, 10.6MB)) and “Liquidity and Capital Resources” (p65, 2015 Annual Report (pdf, 10.6MB)).
  3. Automotive cash includes cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities net of securities-in-transit.

For more information, please see Form 10-K (pdf, 8.3MB) and Annual Report (pdf, 10.6MB).

C. Profile of Ford Investors


Institutional investors:525455
Top 15242726
Employees and management666
  •  Provided by third party
  1. The ownership by individuals includes shares owned by the Ford family and by Ford employees and management outside of the company savings plans.

For more information, please see Ford’s Annual Report (pdf, 10.6MB).

D. Worldwide Income Taxes Paid

$ million

Income taxes paid/(refunded)538467585

For additional information regarding income taxes, see Note 21 of the Notes to the Financial Statements in the 2014 10-K (pdf, 8.3MB).