Data Analytics

Imagine... having the real-time information you need to take the right transportation decision; being able to remotely locate, unlock and start your vehicle; or accessing ride-sharing and car-sharing at the touch of a button.

Shaping Ford Smart Mobility Through Analytics

We are making a comprehensive investment in analytics to support our customers with future products and services. By leveraging analytics, we can also communicate more effectively with our customers and optimize the business opportunities.

Maximizing the value of data is key to delivering our Ford Smart Mobility plan. To achieve this we are focused on meeting significant challenges in both analytics and data management.

Progress Against Our Plan

We are implementing the four key workstreams of our strategy:

  1. Data management, including data privacy and security
  2. Support for breakthrough technologies like autonomous vehicles
  3. Leveraging connectivity insights with the customer’s approval
  4. Support for mobility solutions

Technology partnerships are key to enabling us to develop core apps and deploy them in the marketplace. We continue to develop and strengthen our partnerships with a range of thought leaders and world-class tech companies.

Protecting and Handling Personal Information

Ford recognizes the paramount importance of protecting information entrusted to us and has established policies and procedures to ensure customer choice, privacy and responsible data-handling.