Ford Smart Mobility

We’re bringing new opportunities to life in the five key areas of Ford Smart Mobility, with research, experimentation, collaboration and innovation underpinning the delivery of our plan.

Changing the Way the World Moves to Make People’s Lives Better

  • Connectivity

    Connecting consumers with their world

  • Mobility

    Developing more efficient and sustainable ways to move

  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Helping people to drive when they want or when they can’t

  • Customer Experience

    Solving mobility challenges and delivering great experiences

  • Data Analytics

    Unlocking the potential of data to anticipate and customize needs

How We’re Delivering Ford Smart Mobility

Building and Investing in New Mobility Services

We have created Ford Smart Mobility LLC, a new subsidiary formed to design, build, grow and invest in emerging mobility services. Ford Smart Mobility LLC will build on the products, technologies and Ford Smart Mobility innovations and work already underway.

Working with our existing product development, research and advanced engineering, marketing and data analytics teams – which will remain unchanged – the subsidiary will develop commercially ready mobility services and invest in promising mobility-related ventures.

Consumer Empowerment and Engagement

Ford products and services are designed with one thing in mind – the customer experience.

We have put consumers at the center of our Ford Smart Mobility plan and are setting out to transform how we interact with consumers to deliver great experiences every time.

It starts with understanding what consumers want and value – recognizing that lifestyles and aspirations never stop evolving. The mobility challenges that exist in the world today are significant, but we’re moving forward and learning all the time, building on research projects, pilots and experiments around the globe.

Time Trumpers, Everyday Improvers and Experience Seekers

Developing commuter archetypes such as “Time Trumpers,” “Everyday Improvers” and “Experience Seekers” is part of a mobility research program we’re undertaking with global design company IDEO. As we explore multimodal solutions of the future, we use these archetypes to build our understanding of opportunities and challenges facing commuters. We gain a deeper insight into their experience, needs and preferences as they navigate large cities using different forms of transportation.

 “The Commute of the Future: Ford Is Working on It”, New York Times

Technology, Partnerships and Collaborations

Our new subsidiary, Ford Smart Mobility LLC, will collaborate with start-ups and tech companies as well as designing and building mobility services on its own.

We’re adopting a software mindset in our developer collaborations – contributing open source solutions such as SmartDeviceLink to help drive common industry standards.

We continue to increase our presence in Silicon Valley. Our Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto is one of the largest automotive manufacturer research centers in the region, with a team of more than 100 researchers, engineers and scientists.

To expand our capability further, we have opened a new research lab in Dearborn, Michigan, which is working on integrating wearable devices such as smart watches with vehicles, to make driving an easier experience.

We have collaborations with 22 top universities around the world. To date, we have funded 66 university projects. In 2016, 22 new projects will be launched.

Techstars Mobility Accelerator Program

Working together, Techstars Mobility and Ford are supporting inventors with funding, mentoring and training to develop future mobility ideas and solutions.

The 2015 class of “Techstars Mobility, Driven by Detroit” included 10 startups, which have raised more than $3 million since completing the program.

Seven of the companies are establishing a presence in metro Detroit to advance their innovations, including Elegus Technologies, which is developing a battery technology that would increase the energy density and safety of traditional batteries, enabling batteries to become smaller and hold more power.

“The first year exceeded all expectations, with 10 amazing companies, a worldwide response, more than 300 participating mentors across Detroit and eight active corporate entities.”

Ted Serbinski
Managing Director, Techstars Mobility

 Ford-Backed Techstars Mobility