Global Mobility


Changing the way the world moves to make people’s lives better.

“Transportation in the world today is on the cusp of a major revolution, and Ford plans to lead the way by changing the way the world moves through Ford Smart Mobility.”

Jim Hackett, Chairman, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

Jim Hackett
Chairman, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

 What We’re Doing

We’re already transforming knowledge and consumer insights into new concepts, outstanding vehicles and innovative mobility solutions.

Progress Against Our Plan

Through Ford Smart Mobility, we’re taking Ford to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, big data and the customer experience.

 Ford Smart Mobility

Smarter Vehicles

We’re accelerating our 10-year autonomous vehicle program and expanding our fleet of fully autonomous test vehicles.

 Autonomous Vehicles

Extracting Value from Big Data

To anticipate and meet our customers’ needs, we’re leveraging the potential of data and analytics in partnership with world-leading tech companies.

 Data Analytics

 Why It Matters

For us, mobility is about progress: human progress. Congestion, air quality, access to mobility and parking issues are some of the sustainability challenges that concern everyone, not only residents of towns and cities. These issues influence everyday transportation choices, shape public policies and are significant factors in Ford’s business strategy.

 Our Performance

We’re tripling our fully autonomous fleet from 10 to 30 test vehicles

There are 15 million vehicles with SYNC capability on the road today