Minimizing the impacts of our operations and working toward long-term sustainability.

“Ford’s manufacturing environmental strategy is embedded in our manufacturing business processes, enabling us to reduce the overall environmental impact of our manufacturing operations while opening new plants and increasing production.”

Bruce Hettle, Group Vice President, Manufacturing and Labor Affairs

Bruce Hettle
Group Vice President, Manufacturing and Labor Affairs

 What We’re Doing

We do our part to help meet global environmental challenges by reducing the footprint of our manufacturing and implementing Ford’s Blueprint for Sustainability.

Our Energy Strategy

We’re focused on maximizing efficiency and driving down energy waste, as part of our climate change strategy.

 Operational Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Water Stewardship

As well as reducing our own footprint, we work outside our facilities to support the right to clean, affordable drinking water.

 Water Use

Reducing Waste

We’re continuing to drive our five-year plan by increasing the number of Ford manufacturing plants sending zero waste to landfills.

 Waste Reduction

 Why It Matters

Climate change, water scarcity and natural resource depletion are major long-term challenges affecting businesses like Ford and communities everywhere. Ford’s actions today are part of our contribution to developing solutions to global environmental issues.

 Our Performance

CO2 Emissions

Worldwide Facility CO2 Emissions per Vehicle Produced (metric tons)



Water Use

Global Water Use per Vehicle Produced (cubic meters)