Health and Safety

Our aim is to continually improve the health and safety of our workforce. To protect our people, we have put robust policies and practices in place throughout our operations.

Managing Health and Safety

We remain totally committed to ensuring that our people stay safe and healthy. Our President and CEO, our senior operating team, global Manufacturing Operating Committee and regional occupational health and safety (OHS) committees all assess safety performance as part of their regular business plan reviews.

Accountability for health and safety performance is established through business planning, policy deployment and scorecard processes. Business operation and plant managers are responsible for health and safety in the operations they manage. Safety performance is also part of the scorecards of salaried employees where appropriate, including those of the CEO and business unit leaders.

Our efforts are guided by our OHS policy, established through a corporate Policy Letter and Directives, and our global OHS standards cover all health and safety issues, from workplace safety to ergonomics, and occupational hygiene to toxicology.

Safety is also one of the core components of the Ford Production System. Our Safety Operating System (SOS), part of our overall manufacturing strategy, provides for the health and safety of our employees.

Most of our manufacturing facilities also have joint union/management safety committees that guide the development and implementation of safety programs. In addition, nonmanufacturing sites are required to conduct six-monthly self-assessments of their OHS risks and performance, the results of which are reviewed with global manufacturing leadership.

Together, these mechanisms provide data on our health and safety performance, demonstrating our progress and helping to identify areas for improvement.