Data: Vehicle Safety

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A. Percent of Nameplates Achieving 4-Star or Better NCAP Overall Vehicle Score (OVS)

Data is for the model year noted.

Percent of Ford Motor Company vehicles tested by model year

  •  Third-party rated (NHTSA)
  1. Transit Medium Roof earned a three-star rating.

For detailed information on the NCAP system, see, and in particular (pdf, 212kb).

B. Percent of Nameplates Achieving 5-Star NCAP Overall Vehicle Score (OVS)

Data is for the model year noted.

Percent of Ford Motor Company vehicles tested by model year

  •  Third-party rated (NHTSA)
  1. This data includes Ford and Lincoln.
  2. This data does not include Lexus (only Toyota).
  3. This data includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not test each new vehicle model every year, but a sample of new vehicles predicted to have high sales volumes or that have been structurally redesigned. It is therefore difficult to compare results to previous model years, particularly when many new models are launched. Even though our vehicles are safer than ever, our ratings are not necessarily comparable to previous years. For more detailed information, see and (pdf, 212kb).

C. Euro NCAP (2015 Ratings)

Overall percentage

 Industry LowIndustry HighIndustry AverageFord Results
Small MPV (Ford Tourneo Courier)157796977
Large family car (Ford Mondeo)178838178
Large MPV (S-MAX/Galaxy)828382.583
  1. The Ford model was tested in 2014 only (not in 2015).

Euro NCAP combines all assessed criteria into an overall “fulfillment percentage,” ranging from 0 percent to 100 percent (overall threshold). Star ratings are dependent on the fulfillment percentage or the star level threshold of each individual assessment box (adult, child, pedestrian and safety assist). The worst-case threshold determines the overall rating. In 2014, the following thresholds were required for a five-star rating: Adult 80 percent, child 75 percent, pedestrian 60 percent, safety assist 65 percent and overall 75 percent. In addition to the star ratings, seven Ford vehicles have received the “Euro NCAP Advanced Award” for new technologies so far. For more information, visit

D. U.S. Safety Recalls

Number of safety recalls164040
Number of units1,188,0004,741,23014,994,290
  •  Reported to regulatory authorities (NHTSA)
  1. Ford Action 14B04 (NHTSA Action Number of 14V343000) was superseded by 16S03 (NHTSA Action Number of 16V036000).

The increase in safety recalls from 2013 to 2014 was due in part to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) expanding its definition of safety defects, which has led to the highest number of safety recalls in the United States across all auto manufacturers.