Supply Chain

Risk Profile and Analysis

Due to the size and reach of our global supply base, we prioritize our efforts with suppliers located in countries that pose the highest risk for substandard working conditions.

To determine those priority locations, we conduct an annual risk analysis, incorporating internal and external data, and input from external stakeholders. The internal data includes information such as the commodities being purchased, and the supplier’s location, annual spend, and training and audit history within Ford’s Supply Chain Sustainability program.

As a result of this analysis, our list of 22 high-priority countries remained unchanged in 2015 (see below). In addition, our Purchasing Supplier Technical Assistance (STA) representatives are trained to identify and report potential warning indicators for human rights violations in any supplier location around the world. As a result, when individual circumstances arise, we routinely work with suppliers outside the locations on this list to ensure that Ford’s expectations continue to be met.

Human Rights and Working Conditions Program: Priority Countries


Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela


China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Morocco, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey