Supply Chain


Leveraging the scale of our supply chain to make a positive impact.

 What We’re Doing

To achieve our goals, we foster long-term relationships with our suppliers through active engagement. This helps us communicate our expectations on key issues, and confirm that our suppliers have management systems in place to mitigate potential risks and ensure continuity of supply. Our work is governed by Policy Letter 24: Ford Code of Human Rights, Basic Working Conditions and Corporate Responsibility, and by our Global Terms & Conditions.

Human Rights

Our approach to human rights and working conditions covers training, supplier assessments and collaboration.

 Human Rights and Working Conditions

Sharing Best Practice

Our insights and knowledge help our suppliers reduce their environmental impact.

 Environmental Sustainability

Diverse Supplier Base

We support minority-, veteran- and women-owned businesses, creating opportunities for business growth.

 Supplier Diversity

 Why It Matters

Building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships with a diverse range of suppliers helps us lower costs, improve quality and make progress toward our sustainability goals. However, the scale, scope and complexity of automotive supply chain issues means that we often require cross-sector and inter-industry collaboration with other organizations.

 Our Performance

Supply Chain

Total Supplier Sites Trained/Retrained in Sustainability Management (cumulative, since 2005)